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How To Quit Smoking

You may wonder how to quit smoking. Smoking is not good for you, and it can be harmful for your body. You may wonder the best way to quit smoking, both naturally and in other ways.  We’ll discuss what can happen if you continue to smoke, and also what quitting smoking can do for you immensely.

Quitting smoking is a big decision, one that impacts the body and mind on different levels. But smoking cigarettes is far worse than quitting period, and it can have many adverse effects too. Here, we’ll go; over how you can do it, and safer alternatives to smoking.

Cigarette smoking Effects

According to the CDC, smoking cigarettes increases your risk of dying from pretty much any cause. So not only does tobacco use cause potential death, but you can die from other health effects of this.

Cigarette smoke also affects many of your bodily systems, including your respiratory system, the circulatory system, your skin, your eyes, your teeth, and even your reproductive system.

One of the biggest areas this targets is of course your lungs.  That’s because you’re literally breathing this in, and you’re not just breathing in the addictive chemical nicotine, but other chemicals.

They’re responsible for most lung cancers, and in men, it’s actually going to make you 25 more times likely to get it, and for women, almost 26 times.

Almost all deaths from lung cancer come from smoking, and it can cause you to develop not just lung cancer, but also emphysema, and can also cause chronic anxiety and bronchitis too.

Your heart is another place that’s affected by this. Due to all of the chemicals in cigarettes, it increases your risk of plaque buildup, which can cause heart attacks, stroke, and also increases the risk of what’s called peripheral artery disease, which is when the arteries start to narrow, again putting you at risk for heart disease and stroke. You may also develop blood clots and angina too!

It also can affect your reproductive system, and your fertility. Many problems with children who are born, especially those with a low birth weight, can be attributed to cigarettes.

But it isn’t just the major killers either that this can create. You’re also putting yourself at almost 40% more of a risk of getting type 2 diabetes than those who don’t have it, and if you already have diabetes, it can cause trouble with managing conditions.

Your immune system also is affected.  First and foremost, it weakens it, so if you get sick, it’s much harder to fight off the invaders in the body. But also, it causes inflammation in the body too. This triggers the inflammatory response, and puts you at risk for inflammatory diseases and conditions.

Then there’s your teeth. Cigarette smoke affects this, and it can cause your risk for periodontitis and gum disease to; increase by twofold.  You may end up losing your teeth, and causing permanent damage. And it also causes a much higher risk for oral cancer as well.

But it’s also just not good. Cigarettes are incredibly expensive, and in many cases, people who smoke cigarettes end up staining their teeth, their clothes, and they end up reeking of cigarettes, which can affect how other people view you.

In essence, smoking is really bad for you, and it can actually kill you. If you’re not done in by cigarettes, the effects of them will ultimately get you.

So what’s the solution in this case? Quitting smoking of course!

Is Vaping an Alternative?

While you may want to know more about how to quit smoking naturally, there is of course, the idea of vaping being an alternative.

The answer is yes, vaping is an alternative. It is safer than smoking cigarettes. Studies done in UK show that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarette.

For starters, there are far less chemicals, and for the most part, you’re really just inhaling the nicotine, so it helps manage cravings for cigarettes period. And plus, you’ll notice vape juice tastes a lot better than smoking.

It gives you something to do with your hands, and it’s something that should be encouraged if you want to have the nicotine around, but also want to quit smoking cigarettes.

There are some chemicals in there, and so long as you’re getting real vape products and not some black-market things, they’re much safer. Black market vaping devices are what’s responsible.

A lot of times, the main chemical that is in there is the E-acetate, so you should make sure that you don’t get anything with that. All the top vaping eliquids manufactured under strict regulations do not contain E-acetate or other chemicals that may be in no name cheap eliquids. For the same reason Vapemall.pk only carries world class ejuices with reputable eliquid brands made under strict quality controls.

Vaping however is really just a good way to get off the path of smoking.  Again, this contains nicotine, which is addictive. You need to target the addiction to nicotine as well. The thing with vaping though, is that there are different strengths of nicotine. So of course, you can get something heavier in the start, and then down the line, go with a smaller doze of nicotine.

Until finally, you can get one with no nicotine in it.  Nicotine isn’t good for you, because it does raise your blood pressure and causes adrenaline spikes, which can increase your chances of a heart attack.

So it’s safe to say that you should replace smoking with this, vaping is an alternative to helping you quit cigarettes. When you feel that need to have one, vaping can be a great thing for you to do.  But again, over time it’s highly recommended for you to slowly decrease the amount.

The beauty of vaping is this: over time you can get it without the nicotine, which of course isn’t necessarily bad for you at that point.  You can then have the vape juice, and then, you can slowly quit. It’s a good way for you to really take this into your hands.

If you’re going to use them to help quit, it’s recommended that you get a vaping device that doesn’t have high voltage.  Higher voltages mean a bigger hit of nicotine.  You should get one with a set voltage that isn’t too high, so you of course don’t fall into the trap of just using nicotine as a crutch.


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